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The Silverstreak Brand

The Silverstreak logo is the symbol that unifies all divisions of our organization to keep our members, clients and partners focused on our two main strengths: our equipment and our people.

Silverstreak has the advantage of a vast fleet and range of transport, lifting and positioning equipment, which are collectively symbolized by the platform with wheels. Atop and of greater importance than this platform are the human figures withlinked arms that represent our people's solidarity and team culture. This is also a statement that what ultimately sets our company apart are the talents and expertise of our team members, honed over years of valuable experience in specialized transport and cargo handling. Our people, the lifeblood of our organization, have a unity of purpose and a strong commitment to the mutual success of our company and of our clients. We stand behind the label, Silverstreak, which for years has been known as an efficient, conscientious, and honest service provider, a company that we worked for over thirty years to build into the success that it is today.


Silverstreak, Prime Movers of Progress


Silverstreak Transport in Action!